Amateur Hiker Solo Climbs Switzerland’s Longest Via Ferrata

Some people are adrenaline seekers, and others, not so much. I tend to be somewhere in the middle, where I like to push myself to do things outside of my comfort zone but not at the expense of genuine safety.

For Jonas Marti, the thrill of the outdoors is what gets him going – specifically, taking solo hikes in the mountains.

Photo: YouTube/Zen Hiking Switzerland

Jonas Marti is a self-proclaimed Swiss amateur hiker, climber, and mountaineer from the Bernese Alps. He recently self-filmed himself attempting the longest via ferrata in Switzerland and the video is really something special!

He shared in the video’s description, “The Daubenhorn via ferrata is the longest in Switzerland, graded K5 (extremely difficult). It is made of 2,000 metres of steel cable, 215 metres of ladder and a couple of steel cable bridges.”

Photo: YouTube/Zen Hiking Switzerland

In case you’re unfamiliar with climber talk, a via ferrata is a mountain climbing route that offers cables, rungs, or ladders for climbers.

He added, “It took me more than 4 hours to complete and was really demanding. After reaching the top, the way down leads across a snowfield and then through the scenic Lämmerenboden Valley back to Gemmi.”

Photo: YouTube/Zen Hiking Switzerland

In the video, you get to witness breathtaking views and stomach churning ladders.

You can see his video of the route below:

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