Soldier Rescues Puppies Protecting Newborn Kittens In Ukraine

Get your tissues ready because this one is a tear-jerker of a TikTok.

Ever since TikTok first took off, it has been a platform of entertainment all around the globe. I can spend hours just scrolling through silly videos or having my mind blown by simple life hacks I wish I’d learned sooner than in my thirties.

Photo: TikTok/@yaroslavlytcushun

But, I will admit, I also sometimes get choked up by some of the animal videos on TikTok, and this one is no different.

We’re all well aware of the horror and devastation that is currently taking place in the Ukraine. But as we watch the news, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just humans who are paying the price of the conflict right now – animals are also being affected.

Photo: TikTok/@yaroslavlytcushun

In this video, a Ukrainian soldier films a very special rescue. While out in the field, this solder happened upon a group of abandoned puppies and kittens. These tiny little animals had no one else to care for them, and it was clear that they needed help.

But while that is enough to make anyone reach for a box of tissues, there is more. The group of puppies was actively protecting the litter of newborn kittens who were quite helpless.

Photo: TikTok/@yaroslavlytcushun

It was so sweet to see that these puppies, who were pretty defenseless in their own right, were protecting the kittens and refusing to leave their side. The display of love and loyalty is enough to make anyone tear up a little.

Thankfully, these baby animals were not left alone. The kind-hearted soldier ended up rescuing both the puppies and the kittens, taking them home with him. He’s since been updating his followers with additional TikTok videos, showing how these babies are getting on.


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