Woman Devised A Heartbreaking Plan To Prove That Her Mother-In-Law Is Snooping In Her Bedroom

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the in-laws are here to stay!

Honestly, I have no idea why in-laws have become such a weird subject for married couples. I get that some can be overbearing, but it’s come to the point that in-laws have become a stereotype of some sort.

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Alas, numerous stories about people and their troubles with their in-laws have become proof that some people are just truly, for lack of a better word, meddlesome.

And this is exactly one Redditor’s problem.

“AITA for leaving a fake positive pregnancy test in the bedroom to catch my husband’s mom snooping?”

As you can probably tell from the title, OP already suspects that her husband’s mom has been snooping around in their bedroom and wanted concrete proof.

So OP’s MIL began living with them a month prior to her posting the story, and then OP began to notice that some of their things have been touched and their furniture has been rearranged sometimes, but nothing gets stolen.

I can probably understand if the things being moved are in the more public places in the house, but OP’s MIL crossed the line by touching things that are inside the couple’s bedroom.

“I figured it must be his mom walking in and snooping on my personal things. I told my husband, and he said his mom would never…I had a huge hunch but couldn’t install a cam in the bedroom to catch her in [the] act,” OP wrote.

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OP devised a plan to let her know if her MIL is really going through their stuff. OP bought a fake pregnancy test and threw it in the trashcan that’s hidden in a corner of their bedroom.

And the day after throwing out her fake pregnancy test, people started texting and calling OP to say their congratulations.

All this happened while OP was at work. Even OP’s husband, who was unaware of the plan, went to her workplace to ask about the pregnancy.

Amidst the husband’s confusion, OP asked how he came to know the unfortunately fake news, and the husband answered that his mom found the positive test in their bedroom’s trashcan.

“I asked if his answer just confirmed that she’s been snooping in the bedroom all along. He had a ‘realization’ moment but demanded we stick to the bigger issue. I said there was no bigger issue because the positive test was fake and this whole thing was done to expose my MIL’s snooping,” OP wrote.

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Perhaps doubting OP, the husband wanted to witness OP take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Of course, the husband was mad about the fake positive pregnancy test. It gave false hope to everyone, especially the MIL, who OP mentioned had wanted to have grandkids.

I don’t think OP is the a-hole here. But I understand the frustration of getting such wonderful news but then finding out it’s fake in the end.

Still, I think that snooping is the bigger issue in this situation, not planting fake evidence for her to find. The bedroom you share with your husband should be left alone, as it’s your safe space and it’s not somewhere that your mother-in-law should have free access to unless she’s expressly allowed. Another issue that came up with OP’s plan is that the MIL announced the pregnancy without consulting the couple. Shouldn’t the couple announce their own pregnancy?

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AITA for leaving a fake postive pregnancy test in the bedroom to catch my husband’s mom snooping?
by u/Milathrowaway37 in AmItheAsshole

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