Alternatives to Public Dog Parks May Be in the Works in Your Area via SniffSpot

Not everyone has a yard for their dog(s) to play in. Some do but prefer to socialize their pets by taking them to public dog parks where they can frolic with their fellow canines.

Other people, however, worry about the health and safety of their pets in these environments and long for something different. There are even those whose doggos have been ejected from dog parks for any number of reasons.

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A business known as Sniffspot is looking to provide dog owners with more options by offering private alternatives to public dog parks. The app’s working model allows hosts to rent out their backyards and other private spaces to dog owners so their pups can run off leash for the duration of the time allotted.

Founded by CEO David Adams, whose dog struggled to get along with other canines at public dog parks, he explained the impetus for the business by stating, “Either there were dogs there that were bullying Soba (his dog), or it was dirty, or there was some kind of issue with crowding, or something else that made it an unpleasant experience.”

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Sniffspot private dog parks are already in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, and many more cities around the country.
Adams noted some hosts make up to $4,000 a month in passive income. Cash-strapped organizations can use the app as well, like Muddy Paws Rescue in NYC, which rents out play space.

Per a 2022 Sniffspot survey, more than 1 in 7 dog owners report that their dogs having been attacked in a public dog park. While not everyone will agree, Adams believes pet safety concerns trump the need for socialization.

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“It’s a pretty uncertain environment to be at a city dog park. While I think that they’re important for cities to offer free dog parks to people, I do think it’s good to have an alternative like Sniffspot where the emphasis is on safety.”

If you agree with the sentiment or are interested in possibly providing doggy play space in the form of a private dog park on your land, Sniffspot has a place for both of you.

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As an added benefit, their website has a blog filled with convenient educational articles, and there’s a drop-down tab for finding the top dog trainers around the country.

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