Miracle Rescue Cat Loses and then Regains Her Eyesight

Kelly DeWeese had recently taken up running after the death of her mother, and this lifestyle change helped bring a miraculous cat into her life.

DeWeese was headed past cornfields on one of her first forays into the running world when a tiny little kitten emerged and walked straight toward her. She wasn’t looking too good, though.

DeWeese says, “You could tell she was really sick. She couldn’t open her eyes. They were goopy and closed shut, and she couldn’t meow. She kept sneezing.”

Not able to turn her back on this cute little running buddy, DeWeese took her with her and got her to a vet as soon as she could. For weeks, nothing this vet office did seemed to help and they felt it may be best to put her down. As a last ditch effort, the duo ended up going to a specialist hours away. That’s when the kitten, now named Snickers, got her chance for healing. The problem was discovered: Polyps around the eyes and inner ear that needed to be removed via two surgeries.

DeWeese says, “She did fine on the first surgery, so I went back on the second surgery, and she woke up blind because during the procedure, one of the polyps had dropped down into her throat. Her brain had shut down during the surgery.”

Though they were able to save Snickers’ life with CPR, there was a good chance she wasn’t getting her vision back. In fact, she remained blind for months after the surgery. That was, until a miracle happened.

One day, DeWeese was waving something in front of her, and it appeared that Snickers could see it. Excited over the development, she took her to the vet to be sure, and the good news was confirmed!

For more on this inspiring kitty and to see how she’s doing now, watch the video below. You can also follow her adventures on Instagram.

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