Conspiracy Theorists Believe That These Reebok Sneakers Are Demonic For This SOLE Reason

Our good old conspiracy theorists are back at it again!

This time, they’ve got something appropriate, as Halloween’s just around the corner. We have a spooky new conspiracy theory going on around: uhh, sneakers?

PHOTO: Unsplash/krakenimages

Apparently, some shoes that Reebok recently released are being labeled as satanic shoes.

The conspiracy theorists describe the shoes as having “the Baphomet goat feet,” and that is the sole reason why the sneakers are being called satanic.

For those who bothered to at least read the name of the product, they’re actually called the Reebok Classic Leather Decortiqué Tabi Low. These sneakers were made in collaboration with a French luxury brand, Maison Margiela, that has a whole collection of Tabi shoes already.

Tabi is a traditional Japanese sock, then it somehow evolved to being a Japanese footwear. It literally translates to “foot bag” and this is what it looks like.

PHOTO: Wikipedia/Tabi 足袋

So, no, they are not satanic shoes. The reason for the split-toe design is because, back in 15th century Japan, people used to wear sandals with a strap – think wooden platform flip-flops – and they needed their socks to accommodate their sandals. Hence the split-toe design. The unique design also aided in mobility when the tabi socks evolved to the Jika-Tabi, a work shoe that had a rubberized sole instead of being purely made from cotton. Read more about the Tabi here.

Going back to Reebok’s “satanic” shoes, they describe the design as “inspired by decortique, a deconstruction of the shoe’s core structure, the cut away leather panels create a modern cage-like form.” I don’t know much about all these terms but they don’t look satanic to me. Finally, here’s what they look like.

I won’t link to the conspiracy theory post, but let me share some of my favorite responses to the ridiculous satanic claim.

First one is the most logical reply: “They’re called tabi, and they’re a style of shoe that originated in Japan centuries if not millennia ago. But by all means, don’t let facts get in the way of your fear-mongering.”

Then we have those who are just done with the post, “Living like this, seeing ‘evil’ everywhere, must be exhausting.”

And this short and sweet reply, “The Japanese would like to have a word.”

And this one for a double whammy: “For people who tout “faith over fear,” y’all sure do get mighty spooked whenever something different comes along, be it shoes or little mermaids…”

I, for one, accept that some conspiracy theories can be believable, but this one just isn’t worth thinking about. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the tabi design already, but satanic isn’t the first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw the Reebok sneakers.

Alright, that’s all I have from the conspiracy theorist’s post. Just know that there are those who supported the post and even went to Reebok’s Instagram post to condemn them on their satanic promotions.

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