Snake on a Plane! Where’s Sam Jackson When You Need Him?

It wasn’t nearly dramatic as all that, but finding a snake anywhere at any time is a bit disconcerting for most people. There’s something about their movement, the speed at which they can travel, and that flickering forked tongue that’s plain unsettling. Some unlucky passengers arriving in Newark on a United Airlines flight got to see an example of that for themselves firsthand as the plane landed. It seems a passenger onboard Flight 2038 from Tampa told CNN affiliate News 12 The Bronx that “passengers in business class started shrieking and pulling their feet up” while the plane was still taxiing across the runway.

Garden Snakes or Garter Snakes?

Police and operations employees reportedly met the plane at its gate and “removed the garden snake,” the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey informed CNN. They added that no one was injured as a result of the reptile’s appearance. United Airlines officials stated that crew members had requested assistance from airport officials “after being alerted by passengers” to the snake’s presence. The ear-piercing shrieks were likely their first clue. Non-venomous adult garden snakes, aka garter snakes, average in length from anywhere between 18 and 26 inches but can grow longer. There was no word on whether the snake, in this case, was a juvenile or an adult.

garden snake
Photo: Pixabay/susannp4

Snakes on a Plane

This is hardly the first time a small snake has been discovered on a plane. While they have sometimes managed to stow aboard on their own, more often than not, it’s as a result of someone trying to smuggle reptiles or even that the scaly creatures slithered into something brought aboard. As to smuggling, 10 years back , a man dubbed the “Lizard King” attempted to smuggle 95 live boas on a flight from the northern resort island of Penang while heading to Indonesia. In that particular case, he was able to disembark without suspicion, only to be busted when the suitcase containing the reptiles broke open on a baggage carousel inside the Kuala Lumpur airport.

We’re not sure about you, but we’ll take the garden snake any day of the week over a boa.

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