Woman On Vacation Spots Massive Snake In Swimming Pool

When we go on vacation, we like to think that we’ll be enjoying our time and not dealing with the worries of the world. But life doesn’t always go as planned as one traveler discovered.

TikTok user @elisabethelektra was on vacation in Thailand and it should’ve been a relaxing time, but something caught her eye.

Photo: TikTok/@elisabethelektra

From her room, she had a beautiful view of the pool that was lit up with colorful lights. It would’ve been a picturesque scene, aside from the massive snake swimming through the water.

If a swimmer had been in the pool, it would’ve been hard to know the snake was in there with them, but from an eagle-eye view, it was hard to miss.

Photo: TikTok/@elisabethelektra

The snake easily measured 12 feet in length. It’s definitely not something I’d want to be swimming with!

@elisabethelektra uploaded footage of the snake to TikTok with the text overlay reading: “I’m on holiday in Thailand and there is a 12-foot snake in the swimming pool.”

Photo: TikTok/@elisabethelektra

I imagine she stayed out of the pool for the duration of her vacation. It’d be hard to go swimming after seeing that!

Check out the chilling video below:

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