Viral Video Shows “Surgeon” Removing Live Snake From Patient’s Ear

A lot of people have a fear of snakes, just like many people are afraid of spiders and scorpions.

There’s just something about snakes that gives people the heebie-jeebies, but nothing quite compares to what you see in the video below.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A viral clip shows a woman with a live snake in her ear. She has a look of fear on her face as a “surgeon” attempts to remove the creature.

The video was shared on Facebook by Chandan Singh and it wasn’t long before it went viral, racking up over 126,000 views and counting.

Photo: flickr/Chandan Singh

It’s hard to watch as the “surgeon” uses tweezers and a cotton swab to try and coax the snake from the woman’s ear. He pokes and prods at the snake, who twists and turns but refuses to come out.

In the end, the snake remained in the woman’s ear. It’s unclear if or how they were able to remove it.

Some people in the comments were shocked by what they saw, while others questioned its authenticity. If it were a real doctor, why wouldn’t he just remove the snake from the woman’s ear instead of poking at it for several minutes?

Photo: flickr/Chandan Singh

Regardless of if it’s an authentic video or not, one thing is sure: it’s hard to stomach!

Check out the clip below:

कान में साँप चला गया है

Posted by Chandan Singh on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Hopefully they were able to figure out a way to get it out!

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