Family Discovers Deadly Snake Hiding In Christmas Tree

A family in South Africa was shocked to discover one of the world’s most dangerous snakes hiding in their Christmas tree.

Over the years, people have found some interesting creatures hiding in their trees – everything from koala bears to praying mantis eggs. But this year, a family in South Africa took the cake for the most shocking discovery: a deadly snake.

Photo: Pexels/NastyaSensei

Nick Evans was called to remove the snake and he shared about it on Facebook, saying: “Santa left me an early Christmas present, although not at my house, no, under someone else’s Christmas tree in Queensburgh.”

He further explained that the snake was actually outside until a gardener disturbed it. Seeing the open door of a home, the snake “ducked inside” to avoid the gardener and slithered up the Christmas tree.

Before Evans arrived to remove the snake, it’d slithered back down the Christmas tree and was waiting at the bottom, like an unexpected Christmas present.

According to ABC News, the black mamba snake is the “most feared snake in Africa.” It’s large, fast, aggressive, and territorial. The bite of a black mamba can result in “pain, paralysis and then death within six hours,” if an antidote isn’t offered. Its venom is painful, deadly, and fast-acting.

Needless to say, the family was “rather shocked” about finding a black mamba in their Christmas tree. It’s not the type of present we’d like to find!

Photo: Flickr/Joris Komen License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Thankfully, Evans was able to use tongs to lift the snake from its hiding place and noted it was “quite a relaxed specimen.” It measured more than 6 feet!

Can you imagine finding a deadly snake in your Christmas tree? Yikes!

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