Picky Snail Only Wants To Eat Chocolate And Strawberries

Have you ever been at a loss for what to eat? It’s happened to the best of us, just standing there in front of a full fridge, not really sure what to eat because we’ve either too many choices or the choices we have aren’t remotely close to what we’re actually craving.

Well, apparently that struggle to pick a meal isn’t just a human problem. It’s also a snail problem!

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

Jen Heidler, a photographer from Another Perspective, managed to capture the entire debate on macro footage.

It depicts a rather picky little snail who is seemingly having a debate with himself as to what he should have as a meal. We don’t know why exactly this little snail is so finicky, some of his choices sound quite lovely!

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

Heidler really pulled out all the stops for the snail by providing some tasty morsels to choose from, such as chocolate, salmon, surimi (crab stick), and greens.

This little gastropod seemed to only be interested in the chocolate – and strawberries. Same, snail. Same.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

As Heidler said of the footage, “Snail eat food filmed in extreme macro. In this rare footage I filmed a moving snail at 40:1 magnification whichs means that the width of the uncropped image is smaller than 1 millimeter.”

Check out the full video down below:

If that isn’t cute enough, here is more footage of the snail eating his chocolate in slow motion:

What do you think of the snail’s feast? Do you identify with the snail’s choice of an all chocolate dinner? Let us know!

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