Sleepy Little Creature Found Sleeping Among The Books In A Public Library

Oh. What’s this? A librarian just had the cutest happenstance when she was just shelving books during work.

Looks like this library’s got quite a batty situation going on.

PHOTO: Pixabay/jochemy

Pun fully intended. A librarian in Camas Public Library reported that she saw a sleeping bat in one of their nonfiction bookshelves. Thankfully, she didn’t panic or scream upon seeing the little bat.

“She didn’t want to disturb it, and, aiming to confirm it was indeed a bat sleeping on the bookshelf, she left to get the second set of eyes of a colleague,” said the library director in an interview with The Dodo.

As cute as the sleeping bat is, the library isn’t an appropriate place to sleep, so the library called the local animal services to let them know about the sleeping cutie in their library.

Maybe the bat was just burning the midnight oil and it just happened to let the drowsiness take over. After all, the studious bat was found in the historical nonfiction section of the library. Quite a reader, no?

The animal services officer arrived, and they were able to retrieve the sleeping bat by gently putting it in a small box, as seen in the image below, and closing the lid quickly. I’m all for unmoving, sleeping bats at the library, but having a bat flying around in a closed space? I’ll be the first one to flee.

Just a day after everything went down, the library updated everyone that their furry friend has been successfully released back into the wild at the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

For Camas Public Library, this incident isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Like something out of a Disney movie, the library looks like it’s open to wildlife. They say that they’ve had squirrels visit them in their Storytime room, and other bats were seen on their bookshelves. Even deer come to visit them in the early mornings. Plus, the usual cats stop by in the area, and fluffy bunnies, and more!

Perhaps, one day, I’ll visit this library and hopefully see their animal friends too!

And as the library director, Connie Urquhart, said, “We live in a wacky and wonderful small town.”

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