Dog Mom Shares The Reality Of Sleeping With 3 Large German Shepherds

There’s a stereotype about sleeping with kids that says it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s rest. Toddlers and young children are notorious for moving around, flailing their limbs, and stealing the blankets.

As it turns out, that’s not just true for human kids but for canine kids as well!

Photo: YouTube/Jade The Sable GSD

A dog mom recently shared a video showing “what sleeping with three German Shepherds is like” and it looks uncomfortable, to say the least.

While some dog parents crate-train their pets and keep their furry friends out of their beds, others welcome their pups into the covers with them. Some people think it’s dirty, while others welcome the opportunity to be closer to their pets.

Photo: YouTube/Jade The Sable GSD

It seems the mom of Jade, Jasper, and Jet allows her large dogs to sleep in bed with her – but really, it’s more like their bed that they’re letting her sleep in.

In the video, you can see the dogs moving around all night, hopping off and on the bed, and otherwise being distracting. It doesn’t look like a good way to sleep, but that’s dog life for you!

Photo: YouTube/Jade The Sable GSD

Since being shared, the video has been viewed more than 11 million times and thousands of people commented, either relating to the clip or commenting on how sweet it is.

“so basically sleeping with 3 GSD means no sleeping,” one person wrote. Another added, “As someone that has two GSDs this is spot on.”

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Jade, Jasper, and Jet on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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