Woman Shares a Video of a Bat Sleeping Soundly Like a Baby on Her Lap

People have always associated bats with vampires and other horror-related stuff. They fit the setting, but it only boxed them into one image — bats have often been thought of as scary, and people have believed they bring bad omens. Their lifestyle is an added factor in why bats are known symbols for Halloween. They are nocturnal species found inside dark caves, making them look more creepy. Regardless of their lifestyle and appearance, bats won’t instantly harm humans unless you don’t correctly handle them. Like all wild animals, bats only become defensive when they feel threatened. Although most bats are carnivorous, others prey on insects and consume fruits.

Photo: Pixabay/Salmar

Furthermore, it’s important to consult an expert when you have an encounter with a bat. Remember that their saliva contains rabies, and some bat species have teeth that can easily puncture into human skin. Science and superstition have deemed bats as dangerous creatures, but other people have shown their adorable side. For instance, a flying fox, one of the world’s largest bats, is said to be less rabid when it comes to humans. They won’t swiftly attack people; their species only feed on fruits, flowers, and sometimes leaves.

Photo: Reddit/lilmammamia

A Redditor even shared a video of a flying fox sleeping peacefully on a woman’s lap. “Sleepy sky puppy,” lilmammamia wrote in the caption of the two-and-a-half-minute-long video. Since people rarely see bats sleep on a lap like a dog, the Reddit post earned 40.3k upvotes and over 800 comments. The woman in the video introduced the gray-headed flying fox, which apparently is just a baby. While she was cleaning the 8-week-old bat, the woman was telling facts about the sky pup. She showed how big bat wings are even at a young age — it’s almost the size of a human hand.

It was indeed a precious sight, especially whenever the young flying fox yawned. You could also notice how he uses his wings to cover himself from the sun like it was his blanket. People in the comment section expressed their shock and amazement towards the human-bat interaction. Some even shared their knowledge about the nocturnal creatures — which made the content more interesting. The moment was indeed endearing, but the woman in the video reminded people never to touch a bat due to rabies. She clarified that she’s a vaccinated worker, so it’s safe for her to have physical contact.

You can find fun and helpful facts about the winged creatures in the comment section. You’ll surely find yourself engaging with other Redditors who are generous enough to answer your questions. The video is a great conversation starter, so you better send this to your family and friends. Aside from the amusement, it’s a great way to spread awareness about bats. Let them know that they can be harmless but touching them without vaccine and proper training is not a great idea.

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