Kind-Hearted Teen Buys His Classmate New Sneakers After Bully Threw Them In Toilet

Skyler Carter had been bullied in the past, so he knows exactly how upsetting it can be when it happens to you.

That’s why when he heard that a classmate’s shoes had been thrown in the toilet, he knew he wanted to do something to help him.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

When he got home from school, he told his mom what happened to his classmate Tanner Hendrix’s sneakers, and asked her if he could replace the shoes for him. Of course, she agreed.

Not only did Carter purchase the sneakers, he also hand-delivered them to Hendrix’s house.

Hendrix’s father ended up opening the front door and was brought to tears when Carter told him what he had done for his son.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

Little did Hendrix know, the whole encounter was caught on the Hendrix’ doorbell camera.

“Just seeing his face and his dad’s face kind of light up,” Carter told USA Today. “Just bringing them happiness really brought a lot of peace in my mind.”

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

For his generous act, Carter won the ‘Act of Kindness Caught on Video’ award at the USA TODAY Best of Humankind Awards, which was hosted by Jenna Bush Hager of TODAY with Hoda and Jenna.

The award honors people who have shown kindness, compassion and perseverance in 2021, and Carter has done exactly that!

Learn more about this inspiring story and hear Carter’s kind interaction for yourself in the video below:

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