Want a Good Night’s Sleep? Don’t Put These Six Colors in Your Bedroom

Of all places at home where you should feel most peaceful and relaxed, it’s in your bedroom.

Your personal space. Repository of your secrets and dreams. And refuge.

But did you know that your choice of colors can affect the tranquility of your bedroom and your sleep? Somehow, even though you’re able to block the chaos and pressures of the outside world, something is robbing you of a restful, deep sleep.

Photo: YouTube/Traditional VS Modern Home

Here are the six colors you must not use in your bedroom, as advised by Reader’s Digest:

  1. Black. Even though it represents the darkness of the night, this color makes your room look smaller. Further, it may help you fall asleep but it will make waking up difficult because the darkness makes you feel less energetic..
  2. Photo: YouTube/Traditional VS Modern Home
  3. Neon. This is the contrast of black, too much brilliance. It conveys energy and excitement to a point where you may find it hard to relax your mind and body. Warm colors like beige and light grey can help put your whole being at ease instead.
  4. Yellow. Another color that stimulates the mind and body, because it resembles sunlight. This color fills you with cheer, but what you need at bedtime is blissful serenity.
  5. Red. This color radiates too much warmth and stimulation to the senses. Red and bright pink may look sophisticated, but they are not perfect for a bedroom. Best to use this color in rooms where there’s constant activity.
  6. Photo: YouTube/Traditional VS Modern Home
  7. Orange. The brightness that this color brings will keep you awake all night. Even if it’s a lighter shade of orange, the feeling it evokes is just the same. Your energy just gets further drained by trying to get a good night’s sleep, and you feel even more tired in the morning.
  8. Dark Brown. This color is too gloomy for your own good. You want to sleep deeply and peacefully. Not depressed. Dark brown is not even as relaxing as black that represents the night. This hue is more effective as a color accent to highlight your bedroom’s main theme.

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