Homeowner Finds Six Black Cats Hanging Out In His Yard

A Florida-based cat owner was in for quite a surprise when they looked outside and spotted 6 new cats in the yard!

The black cats were photographed staring intensely into the house.

Photo: Reddit/u/fuckk_it

A Reddit user (u/fuckk_it) posted to Reddit in the r/aww community, sharing photos of the cats.

They captioned the post: “A few weeks ago we found a family of 6 living in our backyard.”

The Reddit user found the black cats hanging out on the cement patio, in planters, and even on lawn chairs! Black cats may be a bad omen, but to a cat lover, it doesn’t matter what color the animal is. They’re loved regardless.

In an update comment, the Reddit user shared that they aren’t sure how long the cats plan to stick around for but “it seems like they are here to stay for a bit.”

Photo: Reddit/u/fuckk_it

The homeowner shared that they started leaving food and water out for the family of felines, and they even plan on getting the cats fixed so they can’t have more babies!

It’s always nice to see a responsible homeowner doing their part to care for the stray animals that show up.

Have you ever had a family of cats show up at your house before? Let us know!

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