Jealous Dog Goes to Extremes to Keep Human Sister from Taking His Treats

You’ve seen siblings competing against one another before, but you’ve perhaps never seen a sibling rivalry quite like this one. It’s not often that a dog has to compete with his human sister for treats, after all.

It appears that this family thought it would be fun to see what their doggo would do if they gave the treats promised to him to his human sister instead. Eager to see his reaction, they filmed the whole event, and we’re so glad they did!

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

In the beginning of the video, you’ll see a young lady kneel on the floor and push her dog sibling out of the way so that the person sitting in the chair in front of her will give her the Cheeto instead of the dog. The dog, of course, is noticeably perturbed by the situation and seems almost shocked when his sister receives a Cheeto in her mouth and he doesn’t.

At first, he waits patiently, assuming he will get the next treat. Because that’s only fair, right? But the humans aren’t interested in being fair today.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

As the sister opens her mouth to get her second treat, the golden retriever decides to take things into his own paws instead of waiting around for justice to be served. But you’ll never believe the tactic he chooses.

Rather than try to shove his way in front of his sister or steal the treat out from under her nose, he steals his way around behind her, jumps up on his hind legs, grabs her ponytail in his mouth, and pulls her down on the floor. Of course, he’s then quick to jump out of the way and get back in line for a treat as she lies on the floor in a heap of laughter.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

Some dogs just know the best way to get what they want, and they’re not afraid to use the meanest tactics to assist them. I suppose she did have it coming, right?

Watch the video below to see the side-splitting moment this golden sacrifices his good boi reputation to ensure he gets what he deserves!

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