Am I a Bad Person? Reddit Users Amused by Mom and Daughter Who Posted About the Same Family Issue!

To the amusement of many Reddit users, families seem to be turning to Reddit to air their grievances, including to the infamous r/AmItheA..hole.

Recently, a 23-year-old woman was asking fellow AITA members if she was a bad person for dropping out as maid of honor in her sister’s wedding.

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She gave the following details:

“Backstory: I (23f) have 2 sisters, Jenna (25), Summer (19), and a brother, Jason (22). My parents also took in a family member, Rachel (11) a few months ago.

“Rachel has been through some shit. She doesn’t talk, she never lets go of this little stuffed elephant, and she follows my mom everywhere. She can’t go to school yet because my mom and her therapist agree that it would be too much for her. Rachel is the sweetest kid ever, though. She’s always down to cuddle and watch a Disney movie and she has the cutest smile. I was even allowed to touch her elephant the other day.

“Jenna has always been a pretty difficult person. She hasn’t lived at home in a while. She moved out for college, moved back home for a few months, then moved in with her boyfriend, now fiancé.”

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To make the long story short, OP’s parents wanted to give Jenna’s old room to Rachel, whom they were going to adopt. Jenna was furious and threatened to go no-contact on her parents if they went ahead with their plan. And her parents did. As a result, Jenna no longer talks to their parents and has even refused to invite them to her wedding.

The parents, in turn, refused to shoulder half of the wedding costs and pay for the down payment on the house that would have been their wedding present.

Due to the bitter conflict, the original poster (OP) decided not to attend the wedding as her sister’s maid of honor. This further enraged Jenna, and even her fiance accused their family of being cruel.

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Well, the post earned more than 12,000 upvotes, with many telling OP that she was not the a**hole (NTA). In the opinion of the majority of the commenters, it was her sister Jenna who was the a**hole.

But there were commenters who voiced their surprise because the OP’s story was similar to a Reddit post at r/relationship_advice.

Someone commented that the second post was from OP’s mom. Interestingly, her mom’s account has been suspended with a notice from Reddit: “Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/relationship_advice.”

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A second notice reads: “This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/relationship_advice. New comments cannot be posted.”

And a third notice further reads: “This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits.” But they did preserve the mom’s post.

Another intriguing matter about the mom and daughter’s separate posts on the same family issue was that the daughter’s post was made less than 24 hours after her mom’s.

Currently, if you check the daughter’s post, the user’s name has been deleted.

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Did the OP’s daughter get the satisfaction she was seeking? After all, she was voted as NTA, and lots of the comments on her post contained practical wisdom.

Regarding her mom’s post, most of the comments and advice were also sagacious and reassuring.

With this kind of family situation, however, you could be given the best advice in the world — either from your fellow AITA members or some other subReddit communities — but doing the right thing and facing responsibility for our actions is still up to each one of us.

That is what growing up is really all about.

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