Woman Names Her Dog the Same As Her Niece And Then the Fight Starts

Decisions are something that we make on a daily basis, and in many cases, they don’t impact anyone to the extreme. Then again, if there is a decision to be made that could affect someone else, it at least deserves some forethought.

Perhaps that is why one person came on Reddit to say how they were now in a bad situation because of a decision their fiancé made.

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The Problem Starts

It started when the man’s sister got pregnant. She had been trying to get pregnant for a very long time, and they decided to name the child Mel.

In Brazil, where the OP lives, Mel is a very common name for dogs. In English, it is typically short for Melissa, but in Brazil, most people know many dogs by that name.

The problem started when the sister wanted to name her daughter Mel. Her brother told her that it would probably be an uncomfortable situation at some point, because it was such a common name for a dog.

His sister decided to go ahead with her decision.

Things escalated when his fiancée adopted a dog, and she had always wanted to name her future dog Mel. She had a childhood dog by that name and wanted to do so as a tribute.

Problems At A Family Birthday Party

He managed to keep things separate for a while, but eventually, they got together for his son’s birthday. Everyone was there, including the parents, in-laws, and his fiancée.

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Nobody had ever met his fiancée’s dog, because they had adopted her just a week before. When they introduced the dog and called her by name, his sister got quiet.

Later, she expressed her discomfort to her brother and called him petty for choosing the same name as her daughter.

When he explained that it was his fiancée who chose the name, it didn’t make a difference to her.

Eventually, it turned into a shouting match, and he ran out of patience. He told her that it was her fault for choosing one of the most common names for a pet. He said she knew it, so she ‘made her bed’ by naming the dog.

They ended up parting on not-so-good terms, and his parents want them to change the name of the dog. He says that it is not his dog and his fiancée won’t budge, as she always told everyone that Mel would be the name of her first pet.

The Opinions Start

After posting this on Reddit, there were plenty of opinions.

Some people said that he was not in the wrong, as his sister should have made a different decision. They even said that it was not a big deal to share the same name with a family pet.

Others, however, felt he was being petty and so was his partner. One even referred to it as a ‘jerk move’ and said he owed his sister an apology.

You never know what type of response you are going to get when you post a question like this, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

What do you think? Was he in the wrong?

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