A White Top Creates Tension Between Bride and her Sister-In-Law

At every wedding, the bride is the most prioritized person — her requests and preferences must be attended to first. Most women have been planning their dream wedding since their pre-teens. That’s why it’s only right to let them have their way in the whole event. Moreover, the white gown she will wear is one of the most anticipated details of the ceremony, and her stunning presence will highlight the event. For this reason, it is expected that guests must not outshine her by wearing white — which mainly applies to guests in the female category.

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Before the wedding, the couple informs their guests about the dress code. And usually, white never makes it to the list, especially if the bride wears a white gown. Guests can wear any color not mentioned on the dress code but must never wear white. Even if unintentional, this type of rude gesture is still a sensitive detail for most women. A single white top can ignite issues — even if you are the bride’s sister-in-law.

Reddit users have defended this bride who shared her troubles with her sister-in-law. Low-Abbreviations352 was a June bride who began having problems with her sister-in-law during her wedding. She shared, “I got married back in June, and at my wedding, my now sister-in-law was wearing an outfit with a white top and black bottom part. I didn’t say anything to her at the wedding but going through my photos with the photographer, I felt like they were a bit silly since the top part of her outfit was literally the same color as my wedding dress, and, in certain photos, it really made her pop out.”

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She asked the photographer to edit the color of the top and make it look grayish — mainly in the photos where the sister-in-law was standing close to her. However, when the couple distributed the pictures to their family, the sister-in-law wasn’t alright with the results. Low-Abbreviations352 explained her side, but the sister-in-law only asked for the original photos in return. The bride willingly attended to her request, but the photographer asked for an extra fee. Since it was the sister-in-law who needed the original photos, the bride asked her if she could pay for them. But she only got upset.

Things went quiet after that, but little did Low-Abbreviations352 know that her sister-in-law was backstabbing her. With how bothersome the issue was, she confronted her sister-in-law through texts. The exchange of texts led her to the real reason why her sister-in-law was disappointed in her. Apparently, her sister-in-law wanted to look great in the photos, and the white top was the key to achieving that.

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Low-Abbreviations352’s husband also got involved and persuaded her to reply to his sister’s messages. The couple hasn’t been married for a year yet, and here they are with their first hurdle — involving a sister-in-law who couldn’t let the issue go. Reddit users shared different opinions about the white top, but most defended the bride. They all know that wearing white is not a good idea as a guest — whether it’s just a top or a dress.

JavaScriptScola even pointed out that the sister-in-law intentionally wore white. “NTA. Your SIL should’ve known better than to wear white to a wedding. But then again, she actually BOUGHT the white top to wear on this occasion. So, she’s actually the AH for knowingly trying to stand out on someone else’s special day.” With how agreeable the comment is, JavaScriptScola accumulated 2.3k upvotes and had its own reply thread.

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SquirrelGirlVa replied to this comment with a different approach. For her, there was no problem with the outfit, and it didn’t stand out that much. But the problem is how the sister-in-law was adamant about getting the original photos for free. She wrote, “If she wanted a photoshoot, she should have arranged for one herself with the photographer or with the bride ahead of time. They may have been willing to do a bit of a side deal, as they were already there and taking pictures.”

Aside from JavaScriptScola and SquirrelGirlVA, the Reddit post has 1.7k comments that did not like the idea of the white top. Low-Abbreviations352 has attached a photo link of her sister-in-law’s outfit that day on the Reddit post. You might want to share your opinion in the comment section once you see the intriguing white top that started the whole issue.

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