Woman Refused to Attend Her Sister’s Birthday Party Due to Her Unapologetic Behavior

When you and your siblings were young, all you had to deal with was a harmless fight. However, the family drama becomes much more personal as everyone grows up. The sibling fight involving brutal words becomes more painful than the physical fights you had in the past. Family issues are certainly unavoidable, especially when one person has an unapologetic attitude. It’s even worse when you are portrayed as a villain, and your extended family is aware of the matter. That is when the gap starts to grow until you hardly ever see each other.

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Local-Newt-8286 had a similar story that was brought up on Reddit. The 28-year-old woman has a younger sister named Jodie, a single mother. Their feud started with the accusation Jodie threw at OP. The younger sister accused her of using the family computer to indulge in gambling websites while using their mother’s debit card. OP explained her side and questioned her sister’s behavior. Apparently, OP spends time in their parent’s house to babysit Jodie’s daughter. But gambling was never part of her agenda whenever she stayed there.

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“Jodie explained that money was disappearing from our mom’s bank account and that she checked the computer’s browser history and that gambling websites came up,” Local-Newt-8286 shared. She was badly hurt by the allegations Jodie strongly believed in. OP never had any gambling problems, yet her sister was still adamant about it. To make matters more painful for OP, Jodie complained to their relatives about Local-Newt-8286’s “gambling problems.” The issue reached the point where their relatives had to cut her off on social media.

It all went on for a week until Jodie texted a revelation to OP. Apparently, it was Jodie’s boyfriend who was using the family computer for gambling and stealing money from their mother. Although the real culprit was revealed, Jodie did not even apologize to her sister after everything that had happened. “However, Jodie refused to apologise to me for jumping to conclusions and basically ruining my reputation with our extended family. Sure, I never speak to them anyway, but it’s still a terrible reputation to have, especially when it’s undeserved,” OP wrote.

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Local-Newt-8286 knew she couldn’t tolerate her sister’s behavior, so she decided to skip Jodie’s birthday party. OP gave her a present in advance, but she couldn’t stand the thought of attending a party with her relatives. “I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to deal with all the questions and judgment, and I was still really angry at Jodie for not even apologising for what she did.” The conflict was still ongoing for the siblings, but Jodie was clearly in the wrong. She even dared to get mad after what her sister went through.

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Redditors backed up OP and validated her in the comment section. People also pointed out that she should stop doing favors for her sister. “Seriously, like establish a clear boundary. She’s not going to treat you like family; you’re not going to give her treats. If she doesn’t want to treat you right, she should be a stranger,” JCBashBash commented. OP must be much nicer to herself, especially when even her sister takes advantage of her.

Many Reddit users expressed their frustration for both sisters. You’ll surely find lengthy comments below OP’s post, which will make you keep reading. Family issues are tough to deal with, and sometimes sharing with a stranger is much more comforting. You should share your thoughts in the comment section. OP undoubtedly needs to be enlightened on how to set boundaries even when Jodie is her sister.

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