Sir David Attenborough Speaks On Behalf Of the Future Of Our Planet One Final Time

Most people are aware of the plight of the planet and many of us owe that knowledge to conservationists, such as Sir David Attenborough. For the majority of his life, he has dedicated everything to researching and showing us the world around us.

96-year-old Attenborough even received the Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award recently, thanks to his work on Frozen Planet II. That BBC documentary took a close look at the polar ecosystems and showed us that they are in dire straits.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

It was at the end of the last episode of that series, however, that he shouted out a message for everyone to hear. After focusing his attention straight on the camera, he pleaded with everyone who was watching by giving us a message about the state of our planet.

This is not the first time that Sir David Attenborough has made such emotional pleas in his documentaries. On others, such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet, he showed this through imagery, such as wildlife facing difficult situations or ice caps melting.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

To start his closing remarks on this final documentary, he said:

“Recently, at COP26, 120 nations came together in an effort to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. While a 1.5-degree rise will still bring significant changes with it, to stand any chance of saving what remains of our frozen planet and saving ourselves from the devastating consequences of its loss, we must stick to this commitment, and honor it no matter how challenging it might be.”

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

He continues to speak to the audience, delivering a message that was very pointed in its intent. He then gave some encouragement to all who were listening, saying that it was something we must do and we can do. He said that it was within our power to do it and by doing it, we provide a future for the planet.

Viewers around the world expressed their appreciation for what he had to say and for all that he has done in his life. It is something that will continue to ring in our years for many years to come.

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