Dog Tied To Cart Return At Pet Store Meets The Perfect Man To Take Him Home

We sometimes hear about dogs being abandoned, and every time we hear about that, we have a difficult time believing that someone could be that cruel.

At times, however, the dogs are not taken somewhere to be cared for, they are abandoned heartlessly.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

That was the case with a pit bull that was abandoned at a dog store. His former owners tied him to the cart return and the police were called to pick up the dog.

Interestingly, one of the police officers at the local station had been wanting a dog, so they took the pit bull in so the two could meet each other. According to GeoBeats Animals, the police officer was not sure about adopting a pitbull but after meeting that dog, whom they named Sinatra, it was an entirely different story.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap. There are many who claim that they are the worst dogs because they tend to be aggressive. Many people who own pit bulls, however, realize that the truth is quite different. Pit bulls are gentle giants and when they are cared for, they will care for you with lots of love.

Sinatra lived up to that reputation and the police officer fell instantly in love with him.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

It seems as if they were made for each other and since that time, the officer has expressed how he could never believe that somebody would abandon such a loving dog in that way.

Unfortunately, Sinatra passed away when he was 13 but his police officer father had bonded with the dog, and the two of them completed each other. You can see more about it in this video:

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