Goat Sings its Heart Out in Viral Video From Animal Blessing Event

Worcester Cathedral in the United Kingdom holds an annual animal blessing event, and this year, one goat had a baaaall.

In a TikTok that has gone viral, a video pans through the cathedral as music plays amid the service. Before the camera even gets to Pablo the goat, he makes his presence known. You can hear his excited ‘singing’ until the camera spots him, bleating his heart out alongside two alpacas and humans who can’t keep a straight face. The video contains a text overlay saying, “We think Pablo the Goat enjoyed the Animal Blessing Service.” The alpacas, though, were not as llama-tional.


Pablo’s beautiful singing has transfixed music lovers from across the globe, with the video already garnering 1.5 million views and over 229,000 likes. Amused replies have been coming in since it was posted.

Top comments include “GET PABLO INTO THE CHOIR” and “don’t hush him he is giving his testimony and I wanna hear it.” There were others convinced it was more a cry of concern, writing, “Pablo’s like wait this when we get sacrificed!” Still others felt he was obviously voicing his religious dissent, saying, “pablo [sic] is clearly an atheist and wants no part in this.”


The event was later featured on an episode of BBC’s Songs of Praise. On the cathedral’s website, it’s explained that the service is meant to celebrate the importance of our pets.

Canon John Paul Hoskins, Precentor at Worcester Cathedral, says, “Animals make such a difference in our lives; they are part of our families, there for us in good times and bad and give us unconditional love. Many people take great pleasure in the companionship of a pet. And for those who have suffered and are grieving, pets can bring great comfort to their owners.

“We look forward to taking a moment to give thanks and praise for all of our beloved animal companions.”

To see Pablo’s musical stylings at this sweet ceremony, check out the video below.

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