Handwritten Sign About Family’s Dog Sparks Controversy Online

A sign posted in the front lawn of a family’s home has sparked controversy online after being uploaded to Reddit.

Reddit user u/micindra shared the sign in the WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit and it quickly got people talking.

They captioned the post, “Found in the wild, couldn’t restist posting.”

According to the sign, a little dog named Chrissy may be outside “sulking” over her lack of treats.

The sign reads:

“If you see a little dog near this sign…
Please don’t worry, she is not lost, she lives here
Her name is Chrissy and she is sulking,
She is very friendly and loves fuss but she refuses to come inside unless we give her one of her treats…we are out of treats.
If you witness her faking her own death by laying in the road and pretending she has been run over, walk on by.
She is just looking for sympathy as she has had no treats.”

Photo: Reddit/u/micindra

In the photo behind the sign, you can see a small dog lying in the grass. One can only assume that the dog in question is Chrissy.

Many people thought the situation with the sign was hilarious. After all, many dog parents can attest to how dramatic a pup can be when they don’t get their way! It’s relatable and all in good fun.

Others, however, pointed out how dangerous and lazy it is of Chrissy’s parents to create a sign instead of taking their dog in and caring for her.


One person commented, “I honestly hate when people leave their dogs loose and unsupervised. I don’t care how cute and sweet it is, be a responsible dog owner and get a leash.”

“Why in the world would you be okay with your dog staying outside if it’s known to lay itself in the middle of the road?!” someone else chimed in.

While humorous, the sign is concerning. Hopefully it’s just a joke and Chrissy’s parents are keeping a watchful eye on her!

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