Mama And Puppy Buried Under Garbage Make It Out Just In Time

Rescuers with Sidewalk Specials have been working for years to establish a trusting relationship with the community in De Doorns in South Africa.

The dog rescue does its best to keep pets with their owners and provides the people with free vet checks, immunizations, sterilization, and more.

Because of the work they put into the community, the locals have come to trust them and rely on them. It’s because of that that a mama dog and her puppy were rescued from the De Doorns Municipal Dump.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

The mama dog had crawled into a trash head to nurse her puppy but she became trapped under a log. She barked and growled at anyone who approached, but the locals knew who to call: Sidewalk Specials.

Rescuers with Sidewalk Specials were able to reach down and grab the puppy that was buried in the rubbish heap, but the mama dog was stuck under a log and couldn’t move.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Bulldozers were coming so the rescuers had to act fast and that’s just what they did. Working together, the team was able to pull the mama dog free from the log and the trash pile and get her to safety. She nipped at them, but no one was hurt and her life was saved.

Once the mama and her pup were free and safe, Sidewalk Specials committed to finding the puppy a loving home.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

As for the mama dog? They took her into their clinic to be sterilized and then she was returned home to her family in De Doorns.

Check out the video below:

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