Siberian Cat Is “Livid” As He Waits Next To His Bag Of Kibbles To Be Fed

Cats are not afraid to ask (ok, demand) what they want. Cats can definitely tell time. If you don’t think so, then you clearly don’t share a home with a feline. Cat parents have endless stories of ways their prince or princess shows they are annoyed at not getting what they want when they want it.

Meet Nobu.

He’s a Siberian cat that is going viral for giving his mom, Lindsay, the “death stare” when she is late feeding him. He is found perched on the counter next to his food bag and the look on his face says it all.

The short clip was shared on TikTok and in it his mom says, “He is so mad that I have not fed him yet.” waiting next to the bag of kibble absolutely livid #catlovers #siberiancat ♬ original sound – Lindsay Jump

Just like humans, cats can get hangry. However, how they act out will depend on the cat’s personality. Cat parents couldn’t resist sharing in the comments how their felines act when they are hungry.

One person wrote, “My cat ‘gargoyles’ at me when he’s waiting for me to get up and feed him too. But it’s in the corner of my bedroom like a weirdo.” Another said, “Mine will begin circle me like a flock of vultures and meow loudly whenever I stand up and it’s food time.”

Lindsay reassured her followers that Nobu gets enough of his “expensive” prescription food diet and is not starving, although he may say otherwise. “He’s like ‘mom I promise this is all fluff – I’m just bones under here because of you’,” shared his mom.

Cats are great pets, even if we don’t always know what they are thinking or planning.

“He is the most high maintenance cat but I’d die for him,” commented Lindsay.

Check out more photos and videos of Nobu on Instagram and be sure to share this with all your cat-loving friends and family members.

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