Sweet Siamese and Snowshoe Mix Wants to Move in With You Now!

Meet Shere, a gorgeous tortie point Siamese and Snowshoe girl who’s been spayed and weighs approximately 11.28 lbs. The shelter staff at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) in Tucson, Arizona, believe sweet miss Shere is about 6 years old. Regardless, she’s an exceptionally good girl who wants very much to find her forever home so she can get out of the shelter.

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Shelters and rescues, no matter how well-equipped and/or maintained they are, create high levels of stress in animals. That’s why it’s so important that they get in and out of them as quickly as possible. There’s very little known about Shere to share with the public except for the fact she hasn’t been a problem and is well-manured around staff and other pets. She’s only been at the shelter since the beginning of November 2022, but that’s long enough to rattle anyone that’s out of their element.

Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Snowshoe Kitties

The snowshoe kitty is said to be a very kind and intelligent creature with a playful personality. She’ll do what she can to get your attention, including jumping on your lap when you’re trying to work or observing your every move from a high perch. If you have a snowshoe, you should consider purchasing a cat condo for your furry friend because she loves to be up high.

If a snowshoe becomes part of your family, it won’t take long before you recognize just how much she loves her people. “Anyone looking for an aloof, standoffish cat need not apply for Snowshoe ownership,” says Animal Planet. “Fanciers claim that snowshoes don’t realize that they’re cats; they consider themselves people.” When she does greet you at the door after you’ve been away, expect her to chatter on about what she’s been up to while you were out, a feature inherited from her Siamese genes.

Still waiting patiently in Kennel CHATEAUGAT at PACC, Shere’s ID # is A675249. If you are interested in learning more about this distinctive girl with the unusual coat, or you’re ready to flat-out adopt her, just email pacc.adopt@pima.gov with any additional questions or an adoption application. They’ll be glad to work with you to get this sweetie pie into a furever home stat! Good luck!

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