Police Rescue Dog That Was “Brutally Shot” And Bring Her To Clinic For Help

It’s hard to imagine doing anything to intentionally harm an animal, but some people can be so cruel. A poor pittie in St. Louis, Missouri recently encountered some of the worst of humanity when she was brutally shot for no reason.

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis stepped in to help the poor dog and she was able to recover from the traumatic ordeal.

Photo: Facebook/Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The rescue took to Facebook to share about the devastating rescue saying, “Police just pulled up with sirens on, they heard gunshots and went to check it out. They found this dog, brutally shot.”

Thankfully, they noted that the “She appears to be one very LUCKY dog – it looks like no bones are broken or vital organs hit.”

They immediately got the pup, who they named Tippi, into surgery to remove the bullet. The rescue uploaded a video along with the post, that show Tippi being brought into the rescue all covered in blood.

In an update, they explained that they were able to remove the bullet from Tippi’s body and sewed up the dog’s ear.

The rescue said, “Such a ridiculous, cowardly, and disgusting act to shoot this sweet baby and we have to clean up after such a gross person. Tippi is very lucky the bullet landed where it did, right in her skin and didn’t get any organs or bones. We can’t believe it.”

Since having the bullet removed, Tippi was placed with a wonderful foster family where she can “heal in the peace of a loving home.”

You can see how happy and at peace she looks now that she’s finally get the love she deserves:

Despite all she’d been through, Tippi proved to be so sweet and loving. Hopefully she can finish her recovery and find the perfect family to call her own.

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