People Are Finding Razor Blades Hidden In The Handles Of Shopping Carts

When you go to the grocery store, one of the first things most people do is grab a shopping cart.

If you’re shopping for more than a few items and don’t want to lug a basket around, a cart is the way to go.

Some people will wipe the handles down to disinfect them or maybe throw a cover over the seat portion for sanitary purposes, but it’s not common for shoppers to inspect their shopping carts for safety hazards.

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After hearing about some reports of people being injured from carts, you may want to be more cautious when choosing a cart at the store.

There have now been multiple reports of shoppers being injured from razor blades hidden in cart handles. The incidents have occurred at different Walmart locations and have prompted workers to start checking carts for the hidden danger.

Photo: YouTube/KSDK News

In an interview with KSDK News, Michelle Patterson recalled how she was sanitizing a cart handle when she felt something and noticed her hand was bleeding. That’s when spotted the razor blade sticking out from the bottom of the handle.

Patterson had to undergo months of blood testing to ensure she didn’t contract any diseases from the razor, such as HIV, tetanus, or hepatitis.

Photo: YouTube/CBS New York

Police investigated the matter and believe it could’ve been unintentionally placed by a shoplifter, but Walmart staff are checking all the carts just in case.

You can see Patterson’s interview in the video below:

Unfortunately, her story isn’t an isolated case.

According to CBS New York, a woman was cut by a separate cart with a hidden shopping blade in the handle. Police say it could’ve been placed maliciously but no one can know for sure how the blade got there or why.

It’s hard to think that someone would hide blades in cart handles to intentionally hurt people, but it’s a possibility we face in the world. Check out the interview below:

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be checking my cart handles before shopping from now on!

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