Store Cats Follow Daily “Work” Routine That Includes Naps And Snuggles

It’s hard being a cat! At least, it is if you ask Daniel and Bigfoot, who are informally employed by a store in Oregon.

Lauren (TikTok user @shoppers_hardware) helps run the family-owned Shoppers Hardware in Portland. However, she doesn’t work alone. She has the help of two “employees,” a grey tabby cat named Daniel and an orange tabby cat named Bigfoot.

Photo: TikTok/@shoppers_hardware

Lauren shared on TikTok that Bigfoot is a newer employee who was originally supposed to be temporary. However, he quickly settled into the role and they don’t have the heart to fire him.

Daniel, however, is a store veteran so he speak. He knows the ropes and he’s in charge when it comes to feline matters.

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In fact, Lauren shared on TikTok that Daniel starts his daily “work” routine by bossing Bigfoot around.

She asid, “Everyday, Daniel waits outside of his bed for Jessica to move Bigfoot before he gets in. Then they can snuggle. For hours.”

Photo: TikTok/@shoppers_hardware

In the video, you can watch their daily morning routine unfold just as described. You can see they’re really hard at “Work” getting all the naps and snuggles in.

While their job may seem lazy and easy, they bring the customers and human employees a lot of joy, and there’s something to be said for that.

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When they’re not lounging around, they can be found checking shelves, greeting customers, and even participating in store staff meetings!

Photo: TikTok/@shoppers_hardware

Lauren shared in one video that the cats wanted donuts at the staff meeting, and they seemed unhappy about the lack of treats.

@shoppers_hardware My meeting was better than your meeting #shopcat #judgmentaldaniel #catsoftiktok #shoppershardware #cattok #kittensoftiktok #bigfoot #staffmeeting @Daniel & Lauren ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

You can keep up with these hardworking store cats on TikTok, @shoppers_hardware.

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