Photo Series Shows Adorable Shiba Inu Running Like The Wind To His Owner

It doesn’t matter what type of dog you have, you likely look at them as being the most adorable beautiful dog in the world.

Even if you realize that your dog has some undesirable physical traits, it typically just makes them more beautiful in your eyes.

Photo: Twitter/@inu_10kg

Then again, there are times when we see somebody else’s dog, and we can’t help but fall in love immediately.

That is exactly what is about to happen when you see this beautiful pup running to meet his human. Fortunately, it was captured in four photos and shared on Twitter, and the world is loving it.

Photo: Twitter/@inu_10kg

At first, you can barely see the fur of the dog peeking above the horizon.

You may even have to strain to see him, but by the time you look at the second picture, you can tell that the dog is running at full speed in the direction of the photographer.

Photo: Twitter/@inu_10kg

It is the final picture of the series, however, that really captures our attention.

It is zoomed in on the face of the dog and you can’t help but see how happy he is to be seeing his human.

Photo: Twitter/@inu_10kg

As you look through these photos, it really paints a beautiful picture of the relationship that a dog has with a person. This Shiba Inu may not be your dog, but it is likely going to make you love your dog even more.

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