Sheriff Officially Hires Abandoned Shelter Pittie As New “Wellness Officer”

A rescue dog in Del Norte County, California, is off to a new start in life after being officially hired as a Wellness Officer at the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.

The dog, Camo, was dumped at the local pound when his owners got divorced. He didn’t understand why he was abandoned, and he was struggling to find a family to give him a chance at a new life.

Photo: Flickr/Steve @ the alligator farm License: CC BY-SA 2.0

During his time at the pound, volunteers with Dogs of Del Norte helped Camo get out into the community and get the much-needed exercise, stimulation and socialization he desired.

The volunteer-run group shared about his outings on Facebook, saying he enjoyed trips to the local Del Norte CrossFit gym and visits to the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office.

It seems that his visits to the sheriff’s office were more impactful than anyone could’ve realized, because the office reached out to the pound to officially adopt Camo and welcome him onto the team as an employee!

Dogs of Del Norte shared the news on Facebook, saying:

“Hey guys…remember me…it’s Camo. So big news…you all know I’ve been hanging out at the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office for awhile now. Well I have been officially hired as their Employee Wellness Officer! I will be helping all the First Responders and anyone else that needs an ear, a hug or to just hang out with me.”

The post went onto say that Camo “loves” his new job and is permanently placed in a home.

A lot of brindle-colored pitties get overlooked in shelters, and we’re so happy Camo found his happily ever after!

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