Animal Shelter Lets People Give Their Ex’s Name to a Feral Cat, Who Will Then Be Neutered

When Valentine’s Day comes along, past not-so-great loves may come to mind. Zoos and rescues often find ways to help you vent your frustration about an ex, like naming a cockroach after them (maybe not so fair to the cockroach) or naming a cat’s litter box after them. One rescue is taking it a bit further and making sure your ex never has children… well, at least a cat named for them won’t.

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Camden County, New Jersey, is inviting supporters to give an ex’s name to a feral cat from their trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, with that cat then being spayed or neutered. This is all with a donation of $50. A little better than spending it on a bunch of clearance candy, right?

The rescue says, “TNR is a vital component of feral cat population control as it breaks the breeding cycle and stops the birth of unwanted cats in our community. Your donation ensures we can offer spay/neuter surgery at a reduced cost for community cats and their caregivers in need.”

The shelter says its mission is to end pet homelessness in its area through community awareness and responsible pet ownership, so ensuring there aren’t even more unwanted cats is right up their alley. They’re also responsible in another way: the ex’s name will be limited to a first name or nickname, not their full legal name.


The comments on the program’s Instagram post got a bit spicy, with one user asking if they can name a cat after their husband’s ex-mistress, and another wondering if there could be a group rate, saying they’re “asking for an entire gender.”

If you’re interested, you can make a payment via Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, social media payment, and the link in their Instagram bio. So… you have plenty of options to do some good, while honoring the memory of someone not so good.

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