Shelter Brings Kittens To Retirement Home For “Cuddle Time”

Petting a dog or cat reduces stress and is beneficial to people of all ages, especially the elderly. That is why Kanawha-Charleston Humane, an animal shelter in West Virginia, has a monthly tradition of taking kittens to the local retirement home.

It is a day that both the shelter staff and residents look forward to and the shelter states it is, “One of my favorite days of the month”.

Screenshot: TikTok/@adoptcharleston

The tiny felines receive much-needed socialization while the residents soak up all the purrs and attention. It is a win-win situation! The shelter posted a video of a recent visit on TikTok which showed the kittens and people thoroughly enjoying all of the cuddle time.

“Seeing their eyes light up when they see the kittens is everything 🥺 I love hearing the stories of the pets they’ve owned in their lives too,” the shelter added in the comments section.

Viewers were touched by the sweet interactions, and many said how great it would be if all retirement homes had rescued cats.

“This makes me so happy. Retirement homes need this everywhere. It’s such a beautiful thing you’re doing. I know it must make the people there so happy,” wrote one person.

Another said, “I’m sure your visits are much anticipated and appreciated.”

Screenshot: TikTok/@adoptcharleston

The shelter shared that they have been visiting the home for the past three years and said it was “easy” to setup. “We reached out to the activities director at the retirement home and they were immediately on board.”

The shelter has dozens of adorable cats and dogs looking for forever homes. Find your new best friend here.

Check out the sweet video of the kittens making the day of elderly men and women below and don’t forget to share!

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