Generous Donor Treats Shelter Dogs To A Delicious Hamburger Lunch

Shelter dogs at a Pennsylvania human society received a special lunch earlier this month.

The dogs were gifted with some hamburgers from McDonald’s, and photos of them enjoying their food have gone viral on social media!

Photo: Unsplash/Cierra Voelkl

The Humane Society of Lebanon County shared photos of the pups enjoying their lunch in a Facebook post.

The burgers weren’t just donated as a random treat, they were gifted in memory of someone’s 55th birthday.

In the post, the humane society wrote:

“The shelter pups enjoyed a special treat today. Donated by a previous adopter, burgers for the dogs were given, in memory of Joe Kunder. Today was his heavenly 55th birthday, and this is something he would’ve loved.”

People couldn’t get enough of the sweet pups! The post was shared over 90,000 times since originally being posted on September 22, 2022.

Check out some of the photos below:

It’s hard to be a dog living in the shelter, and little moments like this mean the world. You can tell by the photos that the pups enjoyed their special lunch.

We can only imagine how much it cost, but burgers aren’t cheap! It was definitely worth it though to see the joy the meal brought to the dogs.

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