Shelter Dog Needs Wheelchair So She Can Run And Play Again

Shelters do their best to feed and care for homeless pets but spend what little budgets they have on food and medicine. That is why when they take in special needs dogs, they require help from the community and supporters to provide the extra care the dogs need.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Canada recently took in three dogs with mobility issues. They were able to get two of the dogs fitted and in wheelchairs, but don’t have the funds for the third dog’s custom wheelchair.

“We are beyond excited to be part of their journey to walk again. Both Melody and Charlie have received their wheelchairs,” wrote the rescue.

Dog Tales Rescue took to social media to ask for donations to help the sweet dog who is appropriately named Honey. She is currently resting in the office, “watching life go by”. A heartbreaking video was posted of the pup laying on blankets unable to move on her own.


Please visit the link in our bio if you are in a postion to donate, Honey would greatly appreciate it 🙏

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Honey hopes to join her playmates soon.

The shelter wrote, “Honey is still waiting to be mobile again. This sweet girl has a very unique case. She will require a special chair which costs roughly $1600. Your donation toward her wheelchair is crucial. Help us get Honey mobile again!”

Countless people commented that they donated and cannot wait to see Honey up and running again.

The rescue replied by saying, “Thank you SO much to all who have donated towards our special girl Honey ❤️we cannot wait to see her take her first steps once again.”

Just like many other animal shelters around the world, Dog Tales Rescue is at capacity and needs fosters and adopters.

Be sure to follow them on TikTok and Facebook for more updates on Honey and available pets.

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