Dog Abandoned By His Family Finds Comfort In Shadows At Shelter

A 6-year-old dog named Zeus found himself at the Animal Care Center in Manhattan, New York, when his family moved away and left him behind.

The sweet fella is still adjusting to the strange noises, smells, and new people. The stressful environment can take a toll on dogs, but Zeus has found an unusual way to comfort himself.

For the past couple months, counselors at the shelter have been trying to learn more about Zeus and discovered he loves balls, playing outside in the sun, and shadows.

Photo: Animal Care Centers of NYC

His tail begins to wag uncontrollably when he spots a shadow on the wall. They are not sure why he gets so excited, but they have decided to give him his own private shadow puppet show as often as possible.

A video posted on the rescue’s TikTok shows Zeus’ obsession with shadows and shows why he “loves staring at walls”. People were brought to tears over the video and some even tried to guess why he is obsessed with shadows.

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One viewer wrote, “Shadows meant someone was coming home 😔😔”. Others said that his shadow was the only thing that never left him…heartbreaking.

Zeus appears friendly with other dogs but would do best in a home without kids. He just wants to find someone who will never abandon him. Is that too much to ask?

Photo: Animal Care Centers of NYC

If he has captured your heart, you can find out more about Zeus here. Interested adopters are asked to stop by the rescue during adoption hours to meet the handsome boy.

Be sure to share his story to help him find the loving home he deserves.

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