Shelter Cat Chonk the “Chunk” Wins for Cutest Purr Ever in Video!

A video produced by the San Diego Humane Society has surfaced featuring the sweetest cat on the planet with the cutest little chirpy purr you’ve ever heard in your life. More along the lines of an intergalactic character straight out of a Star Wars script, the noise emitted from Chonk is out of this world. The word svelte may never come to mind when describing this chunky boy, but his adorable cooing purr will melt your heart and stick with you forever.

adoptable cat
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

Shelter Pets

That’s likely what Chonk the chunk is hoping, that your puddling heart will not allow you to get that sweet, silly noise out of your head and that you’ll come to adopt him. And finding a forever home is Chonk’s singular goal at this point. While there’s not much info available on him right now other than the blurb below (written by the SDHS), you can visit their website to check on his status and availability or the availability of other pets housed there.

adoptable cat
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

Adoptable Cat

Per SDHS: “This is Chonk. He wasn’t named that by accident, but please don’t body shame him. He is the SWEETEST. Seriously. Think of something sweet, now add a pound of sugar, two bottles of maple syrup, and throw in a few candy bars. Now you’re starting to approach this guy’s level of sweetness. And can we talk about his purr?!!

“Better yet, turn up the volume on this video and give your heart a treat. Then head on over to our San Diego Campus to make your life complete by adopting this darling 2-year-old boy. (Oh, and if you’re wondering why Chonk’s got that adorable Yoda leg wrap and head accessory, it’s because he came to us with a wound on his elbow and in need of 10 dental extractions. Believe it or not, he purred almost the entire time he was in our hospital receiving care!) …See you soon.”

Chonk’s ID number is 847233, and you can watch his video below. If you’re thinking of getting a pet, please first consider adopting a rescue animal. They’ve got just as much love to give, and no animal should be languishing in a shelter.

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