Alabama Animal Shelter Pleas For Fosters And Adopters As Dogs Are Being Kenneled Outside

Shelby Humane is over capacity and desperately needs fosters and adopters.

The no-kill Alabama shelter posted a plea for help on Monday after they were forced to place dogs in kennels outside because they have run out of space.

The shelter wrote, “We are over FULL capacity! We are having to put dogs in kennels outside until we have more room to be able to place them inside! These dogs are in these kennels day and night. This isn’t what we want for these babies!”

A short video showed some of the adoptable dogs jumping up in their cages and wagging their tails as people passed by.

“We need these dogs out by today! This is absolutely an urgent situation,” stated the shelter.

The community answered the call for help by fostering and adopting, but the shelter is still over capacity.

They are exploring all options to find each homeless pet a loving home. The shelter transfers dogs to other shelters in the Northeast to increase their chance of being adopted. They also hold fundraisers and events to encourage people to adopt and get involved.

Even with all their efforts, they are still caring for hundreds of dogs and cats and need more help.

Some dogs have been at the shelter for over a year and would love nothing more than a soft place to rest and a family to love.

The adoption fee for several dogs, like sweet Coraline, has been sponsored. The pit bull mix loves to give kisses and be around people. She has been at the shelter for almost a year. Sadly, just like many other adult dogs, she is overlooked for a fluffy puppy, but she promises she is a good girl.

Fostering is free and allows the shelter to learn more about the dog as well as help another in need. Check out all the available dogs and cats at Shelby Humane here.

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