Flock Of Sheep Walk In Circles For 12 Days Without Stopping

A flock of sheep in Northern China has left people confused after they were filmed walking in circles for 12 straight days.

In the video, you can see the entire pen of sheep circling, and even when they stop walking, they maintain a circle position!

Photo: YouTube/People’s Daily, China

It’s incredibly strange and has left many people with questions.

According to The Economic Times, no one is sure why the sheep walked in circles for so long, but one possible explanation could be listeriosis or circling disease.

Photo: YouTube/People’s Daily, China

Michigan State University reports symptoms for that disease as being “depression, loss of appetite, fever, lack of coordination, salivation, facial paralysis, and circling” in one direction.

According to The Metro, the sheeps’ owner, Ms. Miao, has 34 pens of sheep but only one pen of sheep were walking in circles. Miao said that the unusual behavior started with just a few sheep, but then the whole flock joined in.

Photo: flickr/Andrew

While circling disease is a possible explanation for the bizarre behavior, nothing has been confirmed yet.

You can check out the video below to see the sheep for yourself:

What do you think about the sheep? Have you ever seen sheep walking in circles like that before? Let us know!

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