Sheep Escape from Slaughterhouse and Get a New Chance at Life

When you are a police officer, you never quite know what your day is going to hold. Some days are relatively normal, but others have a surprise.

That is what one animal control officer in Addison, New Jersey, realized when they were called to an unusual scene. 911 calls were coming in about sheep running loose in town.

Photos: YouTube / Fox News

They aren’t exactly sure how the sheep got loose, but they feel that they escaped from the local slaughterhouse. Perhaps one of the drivers was not paying close enough attention, and several of them got loose.

In any case, there were several sheep wandering around in town, and two in other areas. One of those sheep was at the Dunkin’ Donuts, and the other was at another local store.

Once Loose, Always Loose

In situations like this, the police use the principle of a hangman’s noose breaking and how it would allow the convicted criminal to go free. In this case, the sheep were able to get loose from the slaughterhouse, so they were never going back.

The animal control officer never returns sheep to the slaughterhouse when they escape. Rather, they are taken down to a local rescue, where they can live peacefully with other sheep in a barn.

It wasn’t easy getting the sheep from town to the sanctuary. Each sheep weighed about 200 pounds, and they had to take them up using several different trips.

Photos: YouTube / Fox News

The sheep got quite a ride on the way there, with the lights and sirens going the entire time. Eventually, the animal control officer was able to get all of the sheep to the sanctuary.

Living the Good Life

Within a couple of days, the sheep were introduced to the other sheep that were already living at the sanctuary. They have a nice barn to live in and a large pasture where they can graze and mill about.

It is hoped that the sheep are able to live their life out peacefully and die of old age. Essentially, they do whatever they want, and it seems as if they appreciate it.

The owner of the sanctuary says the sheep learn from each other, and they see how the other sheep are calm and friendly. The new sheep that escape from the slaughterhouse are already living the good life.

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