Rejected Sheep Comes Running When She Sees The Dog Who Raised Her

Beau the sheep may live out with the rest of her herd, but she’s a dog at heart – and it’s all thanks to her adoptive mom, Max.

As their owner, Olivia Jane Akers, shared on TikTok, Beau was rejected by her mom as a little lamb.

Photo: TikTok/@oliviajaneakers

Needing a lot of love and care, Olivia knew she’d need to step in to care for little Beau. However, the unexpected happened – Max the dog met little Beau and it was love at first sight!

Max immediately stepped in as “Mom” for Beau, and the two did everything together.


Pt 1 of the most amazing dog in the world.

♬ original sound – Olivia Jane Akers

In a video shared on TikTok, Olivia explained that Max was incredibly careful around Beau and mothered her wonderfully. She said, “Even for a high energy dog, Max was SO gentle with fragile little Beau.”

She added that the little lamb learned to play and explore outside with Max right by her side. The dog “never let her out of her sight.”

Photo: TikTok/@oliviajaneakers

Max and Beau were inseparable, and Max dotted on the little lamb as she grew up.

Olivia said in the video, “They spent everyday together, loving each other…Until Beau was big enough to go live with the other sheep.”

Photo: TikTok/@oliviajaneakers

Even though Beau was living her best sheep life with her herd, she continued to have a big of dog in her heart. In fact, every time she sees Max, she comes running!

Check out the sweet video below:

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You can see more of Max, Beau, and Olivia on TikTok, @oliviajaneakers.

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