Ambitious Sheep Herds Border Collie Across The Field

It’s not uncommon for dogs to herd sheep across fields and pastures, but have you ever heard of a sheep herding a dog?

That’s exactly what happened at the Yew Tree Farm School in Bredgar, Kent in the United Kingdom.

Photo: Instagram/@yewtreefarmschool

The farm school regularly offers educational opportunities for the public, small groups, and individuals to learn about farming and various animals.

As part of education and marketing, they regularly share about their animals on social media. Recently, they uploaded a hilarious Instagram post showing one of their ambitious sheep herding a border collie across a field!

Photo: Instagram/@yewtreefarmschool
Photo: Instagram/@yewtreefarmschool

“You’ve seen a sheep dog, but have you ever seen a dog sheep?” they captioned the post.

In the clip, you can see the cheeky sheep sprinting full-force through the grass, with the border collie in front – the opposite of how it normally goes!

Check out the hilarious video below:

Funny enough, this isn’t the firs time the Yew Tree Farm School has gained attention for its unusal and clever sheep. It recently made headlines for having a clicker-trained sheep that performs tricks like a dog.

It’s unclear if the sheep in the video is the same clicker-trained sheep that went viral recently, but it wouldn’t be surprising given its dog-like personality.

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