Adorable Pups on Their First Day at Work as Sheep Guardians

Aside from their contribution to the safety of humankind, dogs are also known for protecting other animals. They have great dedication and an impeccable sense of responsibility. Due to those qualities, dogs are employed as shepherds or livestock guardians. Farm animals such as goats, sheep, and poultry are their priority. A livestock guardian’s role is vital, as they keep herds and flocks within a safe area. Dogs don’t allow them to stray away. Savage predators may suddenly appear — exposing the stray to immense danger. Apart from coyotes and other predators, livestock guardians ensure that every approaching human does not bring any threat. They are prepared to attack when needed — not requiring any signal or command. Livestock guardians quickly take action when danger is around.

Photo: Reddit/KhansGambit

Ranchers can choose from various breeds to employ as sheep guardians. Breeds such as Komondor, Tibetan Mastiff, Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Akbash, and Polish Tatra Sheepdog are highly recommended. You will never be disappointed with their service and guarding skills. Some dogs even train at a very young age — adorable puppies are ready to defend those in need. A Redditor shared a video of livestock guardian puppies on their first day at work. KhansGambit has caught the interest of netizens — gaining 4.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments. You’ll definitely be defenseless at the sight of these small and chonky pups.

Photo: Reddit/KhansGambit

It was their first meeting with the flock of sheep. Everyone calmly familiarized themselves with one another. One puppy even wagged its tail nonstop — expressing its excitement on the first day of work. Adult livestock guardian dogs also made an appearance. Perhaps they were checking if the puppies were doing well. Since a threat wasn’t around, the puppies simply enjoyed the day with their new friends. They ate together, frolicked through the grass, and socialized with the farm animals. The video was so comforting to watch, as everyone looked soft and cuddly.

OP interacted with other Redditors in the comment section. They had a fun discussion regarding the new recruits and their role as a livestock guardian. MarkWantsToQuit wrote, “Crazy that the livelihood of the herd is in the paws of such little bois. Sheep seemed to know they were important. Wouldn’t want to cross a field with your big bois in it to be fair. Some pups.” Surely, the fur balls of sunshine will be the best protectors in the field as they grow up. No wild animal will be able to intrude — not on their watch. Aside from praises, netizens also asked questions about the life of a livestock guardian dog. OP answered all their questions with helpful explanations.

Photo: Reddit/KhansGambit

“Is this socialisation ahead of their training? Or are they smol guardos?” FrostyBallBag asked. KhansGambit replied, “Both socialization and training walking hand-in-hand. With LGDs, you don’t so much teach them what to do as help them learn what NOT to do.” It’s vital to familiarize the puppies with the animals that will be under their protection. They’ll have an easier time recognizing them — the sooner the better. Lots of interesting facts about livestock guardian dogs were shared by OP in the comment section. Drop your questions now, and KhansGambit might give you answers. You can also share facts about the dog occupation that can help those curious and planning to employ their own protection squad.

Young livestock guardians meeting my sheep for the first time!
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