Working Sheep Dog Faces Standoff With Surveyor In The Middle Of The Road

They say to never get in the way of a working dog! That’s something a surveyor in Chile recently had to learn the hard way when he encountered a herding dog hard at work.

Mati Lillo (TikTok user @mtslillo) documented the experience in a video uploaded to TikTok and explained that he was surveying in rural Chile when he noticed something in the road.

Photo: TikTok/@mtslillo

In the video, you can see a little pooch herding some sheep down the road, but then the dog spots Mati. It seems that Mati was about to get in the way of the sheep and the dog wasn’t about to let that happen.

The dog ran over to Mati and had a brief stand-off before Mati stepped aside and allowed the sheep and their leader to pass.

Photo: TikTok/@mtslillo

After Mati stepped aside, the dog ran back to the herd and ushered them quickly down the dirt road. The sheep ended up running as they worked to keep up with the little pup’s pace.

He captioned the video (translated), “An ordinary day, with an ordinary puppy hahaha.”

Photo: TikTok/@mtslillo

It’s hard work to be a dog and Mati didn’t seem to mind losing a bit of his own work time to let the dog pass. What a nice guy!

You can watch the video for yourself below:

@mtslillo Un día cualquiera, con un perrito cualquiera jajaja #valdivia #ovejeros #topografia ♬ sonido original – Matías lillo iglesias

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