Time-Lapse Shows Impressive Dog’s Sheep Herding Skills

Back in 2013, I did a summer semester study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. During that summer, one of our outings was doing a tour of the Ring of Kerry. It’s beautiful countryside, definitely the inspiration for me to move back a few years later.

However, along the drive around Kerry, our guide managed to stop and get us into a sheepdog demonstration.

Photo: TikTok/@nzshepherd

Basically, a local farmer was giving demonstrations of how his two collies herd sheep. It was just a small flock of no more than 10 sheep, but the way these dogs did their herding was quite impressive – all based on different commands from a whistle.

It was pretty cool, but it pales in comparison to one TikTok video that has gone viral.

Photo: TikTok/@nzshepherd

The viral TikTok video features one huntaway dog named Bear, and Bear’s sheep herding skills are nothing short of phenomenal.

He’s working with a much larger flock than just 10 sheep – easily like 50 or more – yet he’s able to round them up with such grace. Perhaps the most impressive part is he’s doing it all on his own! What a good boy to be working that hard all alone.

Photo: TikTok/@nzshepherd

Bear is a huntaway, meaning his breed is specifically bred for working with sheep. They’ve got loud, deep barks that are used to get the sheep in line. This pooch lives and works in New Zealand, which is where the video was filmed.

The TikTok was captured from a distance, making it even more impressive just to see how much work this one little pooch does! Go, Bear!

Watch the incredible TikTok video down below:

@nzshepherd Big bad bear 🐻 #huntaway #workingdog #satisfying #fyp #fypシ #sheep #sheepdog #outdoors #farming ♬ Sam – Sturgill Simpson

What do you think of Bear’s sheep herding skills? Have you ever seen a sheep dog in action before like this? Let us know!

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