Shark Smells Diver and Instantly Turns in His Direction

Most people never have the opportunity to swim with the sharks, but if they do, they may just have a story to tell.

Scuba Dan is one shark enthusiast who has the opportunity to swim near sharks often. As a scuba diver, he enters their space and before long, he has a video to share.

Photo: TikTok/@scubadan_

One day when he was diving, a shark was swimming nearby. At first, it didn’t seem like much would happen but that quickly changed. Suddenly, the shark smelled Dan and turned in his direction.

When the shark started coming over toward Scuba Dan, they realized that he was not a threat. It doesn’t seem as if they were interested in a meal, but they did want to get close.

Photo: TikTok/@scubadan_

One of the interesting parts about the brief meeting was when the shark recognized there was a scuba diver in the area. When you look at the shark’s eyes, you can see that they change for a second.

Interestingly, this was because the shark smelled Scuba Dan. Just like we can smell particles that drift through the air, sharks can smell particles that drift through the water.

Photo: TikTok/@scubadan_

As was pointed out in the clip, the shark was able to pick up on his scent before he noticed anything else.

You can see the moment unfold for yourself in the video below:

@scubadan_ Sharks are super-sensitive to smells that are important to their survival 😱 Including scents produced by potential predators, prey or a mate 😧 So maybe she was trying to flirt! #sharks #sharkbait #tigershark #greatwhiteshark #tigersharks #sharktok #screammovie ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

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