Photographer Captures Shark Jumping Behind Surfer During Contest

Photographer Jordan Anast was shooting the annual San Onofre Surf Club contest near San Diego when he managed to capture something incredible.

Anast regularly photographs surfers, but this particular event had something special in store for him.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While capturing action shots of surfer Tyler Warren, a Great White shark breached the water and photobombed Warren!

According to Fox4News, Anast said, “[I] thought it was a dolphin,” but after taking a closer look, he realized it was a shark.

Anast shared a photo series of “the Great White Shark breach pictures” on Instagram and they gained a lot of attention!

In the photos, you can see Warren standing on his board and riding a wave. Right behind him, you can see a massive shark jumping from the water.

The shark’s body came completely out of the water and Anast managed to capture all of it.

Photo: Instagram/@jordananast

The surfer had no idea there was a Great White shark so close to him until after the fact! They say ignorance is bliss and this might just be the perfect example of that.

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